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Wow wellbeing

Do you want to feel great and the beginning and end of the day?


Wind Down for Kids – Get your kids to take a break from screens and discover the power of breathing and relaxation with one of our kid's yoga classes. Our instructors are experienced and will make learning fun while teaching valuable life skills.

Positive Mindset – Our Daily Affirmations course taught by Helen is designed to teach children how to use positive thinking in their day-to-day lives. They’ll learn how to look on the bright side and create a more fulfilling life.

Relaxation - From soothing meditation exercises that will help them cope with stress, anxiety or whatever everyday troubles come their way, WOW Wellbeing has everyone taken care of. We believe in embracing a holistic approach to lifestyle that includes mindfulness, self-care & care for our environment!

Class list:

  • Daily affirmations with Helen
  • Meditation class with Helen
  • Kids Yoga class with Helen
  • Kids wind down meditation class with Helen.


Monthly subcription

£19 per month

Unlimited access to all courses

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